Our group teaches effective communication skills for use in both personal and professional settings. We help our clients develop a newfound awareness of what their words and actions are unconsciously communicating, and reevaluate the underlying beliefs and assumptions which drive them. We steer away form teaching tips, tricks or techniques; instead focusing on first principles and building a person’s understanding of social dynamics from the ground up. The quality of one’s life is directly proportionate to the quality of their relationships. Whether you need to improve your success in business, negotiating, dating or with your spouse, we have a solution for you.


About the Founder:

Michael Knight uses his highly analytical mind to coach other logically minded individuals on the topic of social interactions.

Prior to teaching soft skills to technical people, Michael graduated from an Ivy League university, completed a graduate degree in Germany, and spent time as an engineer working both in the commercial aerospace and alternative energy industries. It was during this time that he learned first hand the needs of his clients. Michael has personally advised hundreds of people in over 30+ different countries.